Volumetric mixers are usually permanently mounted to a rigid chassis or trailer type arrangements.

However, Armcon understand that sometimes alternative solutions need to be found and our Technical Team set about the task of designing a new type of unit for specific project to meet our customer’s needs.

The first stage was to design the pallet that the mixer would be mounted on, to enable the hook lift mechanism to lift the unit onto the chassis. The dimensions and sizes provided by the hook lift manufacturer enabled Armcon’s Technical Team to produce de tailed 3D CAD drawings making sure everything would fit and operate, before any steel was even cut.

The hook lift unit had its own auxiliary engine and was complete with colour system and fibre additive feeder, together with all the usual features of Armcon mixers. Quick-fit hydraulic couplings ensured that connecting to the chassis was quick and easy to enable a quick turnaround.

The unit is now in daily operation within a mining environment, producing various types of concrete. When not in use, it simply stores away allowing the hook lift vehicle to be used for other applications.