Working with a number of key customers, Armcon have developed an innovative and new system that helps you get the most out of your Armcon volumetric mixer.

Introducing Armwatch, Monitor My Mixer, a unique system that monitors, in real time, where your mixer is, what mix has been produced and what quantity has been delivered. The easy to use software interface will quickly become your indispensable working tool, enabling you to maximise efficiency, effectively schedule deliveries, keep track of your operators and producing quick and easy reporting all from your office pc.

With Armwatch you can have the ability to send jobs directly to the truck meaning the operator has no keying to do on site and they can get on with what they do best – making and pouring concrete.

  • Full gps tracking capabilities
  • Zoom to mixers on a map
  • Real time mix monitoring including quantities produced, materials used, etc
  • Send/allocate jobs to mixers as they come in
  • Full suite of reports
  • All mixes recorded – keep on top of your stocks
  • Fully traceability and audit capabilities