Concrete Training Day

Armcon have been holding successful concrete days for the concrete mixing industry for many years and due to popular demand have now created a similar course for precasters. Armcon launched their Precast Concrete Day in 2012 and it has so far, proved to be a huge success. The seminar is designed to share Armcon’s unrivalled … Continued


Whatever the situation, Armcon are sure to have a solution. They boast the most comprehensive admixture product range in the industry enabling the precaster to produce quality concrete products. Using admixtures in your concrete mix can improve quality, strength, and consistency, and more importantly profitability. Here are a few examples of what Armcon’s admixtures can … Continued


Add vibrant 
colour to your 
and profit! Iron oxide pigments are widely used within the precast industry, but did you know that not all pigments are created equal?? Armcon pigments are in their purest form, meaning that colour depth and consistency are easily and evenly achieved batch after batch. When Montrose Precast sampled the … Continued

ARMBLOCK – Pigs and Lego

Since the introduction of ArmBlock, the concrete industry has grasped this simple but effective opportunity to make blocks and money en masse. No more so than Mr Tim House from Colliers Elm Farm, who stumbled across Armblock whilst scrolling through YouTube on the internet. Mr House thought it was a fantastic and simple idea and … Continued

ARMITOL Concrete surface retarder

Expose yourself… Ever wondered how to achieve a high quality exposed aggregate finish? Armitol is a concrete surface retarder commonly used by architectural precasters to produce stunning concrete products with a special exposed aggregate finish. So, how does it work? Well, Armitol can be applied to the appropriate surface of the mould where it will … Continued


Seal the Deal with Armseal When Duncan Smith from Chilstone needed something to seal the concrete in a garden pond he turned to Armcon for their advice. Armcon recommended their Armseal product, and it worked a perfectly. Mr Smith said “even after two months the water in the pond stayed at a constant level.” Armseal … Continued

Concrete Doser!

results – 
every time! For decades, precasters have encountered the problem of ensuring that each mould is correctly filled with the exact amount of mix required to enable a dimensionally accurate piece to be produced, time after time. Of course, the resulting inconsistencies and rejects were an inevitable part of the precast operation, but … Continued

Good Vibrations

Effective vibration does not need 
to shake your foundations The importance and benefits of effective vibration compaction in precast concrete production are nothing new. However, vibration compaction is one of the simplest things to get wrong. The vibrating table is an essential tool for the precaster, aiding the production of high quality concrete products. The … Continued

Top Cast!

At Armcon we receive numerous reports of unusual jobs undertaken using our products. In this issue alone we have housed pigs, sealed ponds and created 3D walls. So why not get in touch with us and let us know your stories of anything “just a little bit out of the ordinary”. Any article published in … Continued

Polypropylene Moulds

Martin Dawes from Stan Dawes Fencing Ltd purchased liners from Armcon over 10 year ago. Armcon had advised Mr Dawes that their polypropylene moulds would outlast all other known thermoplastics. 10 years on Armcon moulds are still in daily use and are still going strong! Mr Dawes says “I would be happy to recommend Armcon’s … Continued